Marseillan Historique:

Founded: December 2005


1. Study and record the history of Marseillan and the region.
2. Publish the results of research orally and in writing, on paper or electronically.
3. Present to the public the results of research by organising meetings, conferences, etc.
4. Sensitize people to the need to safeguard the ancient village and its culture.
5. Generate funds to support the activities of the association.
6. Donate surplus funds to aid the less fortunate in Marseillan.
7. Take all measures necessary to achieve these aims.


Full Members Those who want to take an active part in research, guiding, etc.
Social Members Those who want to offer their support.


MH has 19 active sponsors in the village, and much general support.


Newsletters updating Marseillan events, plans and changes. (At least four per year.)
Open house Wednesday & Thursday mornings in season.
Annual Garden Party the first week of July.

MH is well supported by local traders because its efforts bring visitors to the village. Promotional literature is distributed through Tourist Offices, and the English language media are very supportive.

Additionally direct emails are sent to over 60 Anglophone associations in the Languedoc. To end 2010 visitors have toured Marseillan from 28 countries and six French Départéments.


Mike Worsam:
was 20 years in the commercial world: Nestlé, London Press Exchange, Virgin, Tesco. Then 20 years as an academic: Marketing Head at Croydon College, Chief Examiner LCCI, Her Majesty’s Inspector.

Patricia Worsam:
Secretary to City Accountant - had son - opened restaurant, fulfilled a dream at English National Opera working as a senior member of the Running Wardrobe.

They bought their home in Marseillan in 1989. Moved in full-time on Mike’s early retirement in 1995. French residents.
MH, plus three dogs and two cats, occupies much of their time. They enjoy good food and wines from the Rhone and Burgundy, and are curious. They have travelled extensively, but have now settled comfortably into village life.