Group Tours

Marseillan is a great place to bring a party.

An Association wanting a day out for its members will find Marseillan an ideal venue. There is more than enough to fill a day - or half a day if preferred.

In addition to the Village and/or Port tours a visit to Noilly Prat can be arranged. It is fascinating to see how this famous vermouth is made, and of course to sample the product.

Mix & Match to suit your needs.

Choose a whole day, morning or an afternoon tour - of the ancient village and/or of the old port - with details of the Etang de Thau and the Canal du Midi.

If you wish, include a visit to Noilly Prat to see how the vermouth is made, and sample the products.

Enquiries/Reservations can be made from the Interactive page.

Enjoy refreshments on the Quay in the late afternoon....
.... we shall be happy to mix-and-match tours to your preferences.

Hard Facts :

* Both of the Walking Tours take around 90 minutes.
* The visit to Noilly Prat occupies just over an hour.
* There is plenty of parking in Marseillan
* Cost for one tour is only € 5.00 per person*.
* Cost for both tours on the same day is only € 9 per person*.
* Cost including a tour of Noilly Prat is only € 10 per person*. (subject to a minimum of 20 people.)
* Costs for a smaller party will be quoted upon request.