Marseillan Historique

Marseillan Historique is a legally established Association founded in late 2005.

It came about through the interest of two retired Britons who settled in Marseillan in 1990 and came to love the village’s tranquility and ancient charm. They began to research the history of the village and were surprised to find that it is some 2,500 years old - possibly the oldest village in France. It has also been the most important and best fortified port and village in the Languedoc!.

Visitors have always come to Marseillan, and have been made welcome. Some were travellers passing through, others were clerics establishing Missions…and many were traders. Today there is an influx of people from northern Europe come south to retire. Most of these have English as their first or second language.

The four bases of Marseillan’s economy have always been trade, travel, fish and wine. Today trade is less important, but Marseillan attracts visitors and new residents from across the whole of northern Europe as well as from overseas. Many have come south to retire and have English as their first or second language.

Unfortunately only French was being used in tourist literature, and village tours were also conducted in French. So Marseillan Historique began to offer Walking Tours in English of the ancient village and historic port. At the same time research continued until a short history of the village could be published.

Marseillan, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow was published in 2007 and rapidly went into a second edition.

Marseillan Historique is a charity that depends on donations. Funds surplus to minimal operating costs are donated to charities of direct benefit to the inhabitants of Marseillan (the Marseillanais).

Regular Newsletters are published to update members of village happenings, and to declare the amounts donated to charity.

Most members are, naturally, non-resident. Many have secondary homes in the village, many also holiday regularly in Marseillan or the region. But many can come less often. So MH has members from Scandanavia to California. From Scotland to Australia.

Benefits of Membership

By joining MH, and/or by making a donation you will be directly helping the inhabitants of Marseillan by:

You will also receive at least three Newsletter each year to keep you updated on happenings in the village and locatity. Whilst in the village your membership card will entitle you to benefits such as welcoming drinks and special discounts at those retailers who are our Sponsors.

As of June 2010 these sponsors are:

Audiopharm, Boucherie Vallette, Caisse d’Epargne, CIC Société Bordelaise, Kelly Enterprises, Maison de la Presse, Mariner Bijouterie, Marseillan Optique, Pharmacie Bastide, Pharmacie Terrisse Magnabal, Pixel Sud, Restaurant le Boulevard, Restaurant Le Delicassen, Restaurant aux Delices d’Oc, Restaurant Le Glacier, Restaurant O’Soleil, Sancho Snack Pizza, Supermarché Spar, AngloINFO (Internet)

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Marseillan, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Marseillan, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is a history of possibly the oldest village in France. It has 40,000 words and 54 illustrations. (Chapter One can be downloaded here )
The book can be ordered from the Interactive page. Here are some reader comments :

"Your book on Marseillan is a delight! Full of fascinating information and beautifully compiled.
Clearly a labour of love. Thank you so much for sending it."

"We have visited Marseillan many times over the years and we love it,
so we were very pleased to hear about your book.
We’ve read it with enormous enjoyment and learnt a lot. it was a treat."