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Marseillan Historique is dedicated to researching and protecting the history
and culture of what is possibly the oldest village in France.
Our knowledge is passed on through Walking Tours of the ancient village
and historique port; and through publications and articles.
We exist exclusively from donations, and all surplus funds are donated to local,
Marseillan, charities.
To July 2010 we have been able to donate nearly 3,500 Euros thanks to the generosity
of our sponsors and walkers.

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Visitor Centre

Those for whom English is a first or second language can, from April 2010, be welcomed in English in MH’s new Visitors’ Centre.


Tours of the ancient village are offered for individuals each Wednesday in season. They are exclusively in English and focus on the culture and lifestyle of the Marseillanais. Our Guide explains how the 800 year-old houses were built to withstand the fluctuations of heat, wet and cold… and why they are still in good order whilst newer properties have long since collapsed.
The ancient port, which was created by the Greeks, developed by the Romans and extended to cope with the massive amount of trade generated by the Canal du Midi. At one time Marseillan port was the busiest in the Languedoc, and Marseillan thrived as an extremely wealthy village.
Group tours (booked in advance) can be of either the old village or the ancient port - or both.
Noilly Prat has been made in the village since 1853, and a tour of their chais can be taken for a modest sum.
MH tours are free, but donations are welcomed.

More details are included on our Tours and Visitor’s Centre pages.

You can contact Marseillan Historique by emailing
or via the contact form on the Interactive page.